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OSY District and Lodge News


Masonic Times - December 2013

October was very busy in the Ontario-Seneca Yates District.

Our Grand Lecturer’s Convention took place at Milo Lodge #108 in Penn Yan on October 17th.  Our Grand Lecturer, R.∙. W.∙.  Brother Robert Strang, presided over the Convention with close to 50 Brothers in attendance. John Hodge Lodge #815 earned the Potts Award and Geneva Lodge #965 received their Potts Award earned at last year’s convention. It was an evening full of both instruction and good fellowship that was enjoyed by all.

Our district apron presentation took place on October 26th at the Sons of Italy in Geneva.  Guest speaker M.∙. W.∙. Brother Bruce Widger, Past Grand Master and honorary member of every lodge in the OSY District, gave an inspirational address on Pride in Masonry.  He also spoke about the establishment of the Dedicated Service Award and the qualities it recognizes prior to presenting the Dedicated Service Award apron to W. Brother Charles Rouse Jr. of Ark Lodge #33. The E. Platt Soper award was presented to R.∙. W.∙. Brother Fredrick Newton of Pocahontas Lodge #211 in recognition of his many long years of commitment and dedication to the district.  It was certainly an honor and a privilege to make the presentation on behalf of the district. Thank you so much for all you do for the craft R.∙. W.∙. Brother Newton. R.∙. W.∙. Brother James Tyrrell of John Hodge Lodge #815 received his Grand Chaplain’s apron and spoke about how much the craft means to him.

As fall turns to winter and the Holiday Season approaches, our schedules all get a little busier. The days all seem a little shorter.  The to do lists all seem a little longer.  We wonder how we will be able to do it all.  Please remember to find the time to enjoy the peace and joy of the season with those you love. May the Great Architect of the Universe continue to bless you and your family this Holiday Season, and always. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!




12/2       DDGM Official Visit @ John Hodge Lodge #815 in Naples @ 7:30pm

12/5       DDGM Official Visit @ Seneca Lake Lodge #308 in Dresden @ 7:30pm

12/12    DDGM Official Visit @ Dundee Lodge #123 in Dundee @ 7:00pm

12/17    DDGM Official Visit @ Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200 in Phelps @ 7:30pm


OSY District Association Meeting - Saturday November 9th

   These are the minutes of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District Ass'n Please ensure these minutes are read in open Lodge.
The OSY District Ass'n Met at Canandaigua Lodge in Shortsville at 9AM on Nov 9th after a filling breakfast at Grandpa's Ice Cream stand. There were 21 brothers present from 11 lodges. Missing were representatives from Seneca 113 and Dundee 123.
Sickness and distress: Greg Seaborn reported on Bruce Huie's condition; he is in good spirits and still taking treatments. Ralph Van Husen is home and still doing rehab. Joe Nye of Canandaigua Lodge has congestive heart failure but is doing better. Guy Hardy of Eagle Lodge CEL at the beginning of the month. Farmerville-Union's Doug Van der Scoten (Please excuse any spelling errors) is slowing down at 94. Our AGL RW Fred Newton was congratulated on his 65th birthday.
   Special guest Have-A-Heart Campaign head RW George Foehner discussed Ronald McDonald House and the Have-a-Heart campaign. Since 1988 the Have-a-Heart campaign has donated $350,000. It is a home away from home for families of children in Rochester hospitals. There are two Ronald McDonald houses in Rochester. At Eastview Mall volunteers man a table near the food court with information on R. McD. house and accept donations. The campaign runs from Feb 1 till Feb 16. The OSY district has committed to Feb 7th and 8th from noon to 9 PM with 3 hour shifts. Volunteers will be needed. There will be training sessions.
Bills: Kompuders.com $589.95for transfer of domain, and web page redesign through next Sept. Motion was made 2nded and passed to pay the bill. The annual cost will be $250 plus hourly for info posting. there was a discussion about how to fund it and  A motion was made 2nded and passed to assess each Lodge $1 per member per year.
DDGM report: Grand Lecturers Convention was Oct 17 in Milo Lodge in Penn Yan with 50 brothers present. Geneva Lodge received the Potts' Award from Last years convention and John Hodge Lodge qualified for the Potts' Award at next years convention. The award is no longer given out at Grand Lodge but is presented at the next years GL convention. The Henry Meacham Award is given now at Grand Lodge for any Lodge that can do all three degrees including Q&A and historical Lectures with only members of their own Lodge.
The District Apron Presentation was held at the Sons of Italy in Geneva on Oct 26. Most Worshipful Bruce Widger was the speaker. The E. Platt Soper Award for service to the district was presented to RW Fred Newton, currently one of our AGLs.
The DDGMs official visits are posted on the website osydistrict.org as are many other important events for the district. Each Dodge also has a calendar on the their lodge page and can post a newsletter. Please visit the webpage.
Staff Officers Report: Child ID at Naples Elementary School Nov 158:30 am
AGL report: Degrees to be held: Nov 18 1st degree at John Hodge Lodge in Naples also a 2nd degree at Canandaigua Lodge the same night. Nov 20 1st Degree at Ark Lodge at the Phelps Masonic temple. 2nd Degree at Pocahontas Lodge on Nov 12. 1st Degree at Farmerville Union lodge in Interlaken on Dec 3rd Dinner 6pm. Remember the Edict Degrees are still in force. Please notify the AGLs of any additions or changes.
Brotherhood fund: no report from Grand Lodge
War Veterans Post: Dates and locations of the meetings are posted on the Website. We are exploring trips for the veterans.
Website: USE THE WEBSITE. Mark Lowe is willing to help anyone with lodge calendars.
Dec 12 Lodge service awards at Milnor Lodge
Dec 14 Canandaigua Lodge Breakfast with Santa 8-11
Dec 16 Canandaigua Lodge 3rd degree at Phelps Masonic Temple
Jan 29 Table Lodge at Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken, speaker will be  the Grand Lecturer RW Bob Strang.
May 17 Spring Thing Fund Raiser by the Widows Sons Motorcycle Group with motorcycle run at the Webster Fireman's Field.

Next meeting: Jan 11th at 9AM at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps with breakfast at the Blue Ribbon at 8am for those interested.


Masonic Times - November 2013

Fall is here and the hillsides have come alive with color. We are once again reminded of the beauty that is all around us and the bounty that our beautiful Finger Lakes provide.  Fall has started with a very busy schedule around the district and I thank you all for your support and participation in the many events and programs taking place. 

Among the many things on the trestle board, Ark Lodge #33 presented a DeWitt Clinton Award to Mr. Charles Bauder of Geneva for his many years of service to the community.  On October 2nd more than 70 brothers, their families and members of the community gathered at the Geneva Country Club for the presentation.

The DeWitt Clinton Award recognizes distinguished or outstanding community service by a non-Masonic organization or individual whose actions exemplify a shared concern for the well-being of Mankind and a belief in the worldwide brotherhood of Man. 

Mr. Bauder has served as President of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Geneva Business Development District, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Geneva Chapter of the American Red Cross, President of the Board of Trustees of the Geneva Free Library, and President of the Board of Trustees of the Geneva Historical Society, to list just some of the many ways he has served his community.  His has truly been a life of service and an example to others.  

As part of the evening’s presentation, R.W. James H. Rice, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York gave an interesting and informative talk on M. W. DeWitt Clinton, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York 1806 – 1819.  DeWitt Clinton’s life was certainly one of service as he served as Mayor of New York City, Governor of New York State, member of the House of Representatives and as our Grand Master.


November 4th – DDGM Official Visit @ Canandaigua Lodge # 294
7:30 pm 

November 9th – OSY Association Meeting @ Canandaigua Lodge   9:00am. Breakfast prior at Grandpa’s at 8:00am                             First Session of the Road to the East will follow the meeting.  

November 12th – DDGM Official Visit @ Eagle Lodge #619  7:30pm

November 14th – DDGM Official Visit @ Geneva Lodge #965 7:30pm 

November 19th – DDGM Official Visit @ Farmerville-Union Lodge #183

November 26th – DDGM Official Visit @ Pocahontas Lodge #211    7:30pm


Masonic Times - October 2013

Fall is here, and with it the beauty that surrounds us in the spectacular Finger Lakes. Our summer period of refreshment has been enjoyed and we have eagerly returned to our labor. Our lodges are humming with activity as we pick up our working tools and commence a fresh Masonic season.

We have many lodge and district events taking place in October and I would earnestly seek the participation of as many brothers as possible. I would especially request that we make an effort to include and involve our newly raised brothers in events throughout the district. We have done a tremendous job of bringing new brothers to the craft in the past several years. We need to make certain that we continue this work by making them feel a part of our lodges and our district. Let’s resolve to make an effort to take them on a visit to other lodges in the district and proudly introduce them as newly raised brothers. Let’s resolve to make sure they know when and where district events are happening and personally invite them to attend. Let’s resolve to remember that their, and our, Masonic education is a lifelong journey. 

 Listed below are many events happening around the district which are excellent opportunities for Masonic Education and fellowship. Please make an effort to invite and include as many brothers as possible, especially our newly raised brothers.  


October 2nd – Ark Lodge #33 in Geneva, will present a DeWitt Clinton Award to Mr. Charles Bauder. The DeWitt Clinton Award is given to a non-mason for exceptional voluntary service to their         community.  The event will take place at the Geneva Country Club with a social hour at 6:00 pm with dinner at 7:00 pm and the presentation to follow dinner. Cost for the dinner is $30 per person. Reservations to W. Tom Abraham at 585-526-5308.

 October 9th – Official Visit of DDGM at Seneca Lodge #113 in Seneca Falls, NY @ 7:30 pm

 October 10th – Official Visit of DDGM at Milnor Lodge #139 in Shortsville, NY @ 7:30 pm

October 16th – Official Visit of DDGM at Milo Lodge #108 in Penn Yan, NY @ 7:30 pm

 October 17th – Grand Lecturer’s Convention at Milo Lodge #108 in Penn Yan, NY. Dinner at 6:30 with the convention at 7:30 pm. This is a terrific chance for our newly raised brothers to learn more about our beautiful ritual in a setting which allows for questions and discussion. 

October 26th – OSY District Apron Presentation. To be held at the Sons of Italy in Geneva, NY with a social hour at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm.  Cost of the dinner is $20 with reservations to the  DDGM at 315-548-2359 or jkbrandow@yahoo.com. Our guest and speaker for the evening will be M.W. Brother Bruce Widger, P.G.M.  Aprons will be presented to our new Grand Chaplain R.W. Brother James E. Tyrrell of John Hodge Lodge #815 in Naples and our recent recipient of the Dedicated Service Award, W. Brother Charles Rouse Jr. of Ark Lodge #33 in Geneva. The R.W. E. Platt Soper Award for service to the district will also be presented. 

OSY District Assn. meeting of Sept 7, 2013

Brother: these are the minutes of the OSY District Assn. meeting of Sept 7, 2013. Please ensure that they are read in open Lodge.
First I need to apologize for the lateness of these minutes, I got sidetracked and just forgot to send them.
    The Assoc. met on Sept 7th at 8am at Pocahontas Lodge after a breakfast at Penny's Place. There were present, 13 brothers from 8 lodges. Missing were brothers from Garoga-Sincerity, Milo, Dundee, Seneca Lake , and John Hodge Lodges.
Sickness and Distress: John Foster of Pocahontas #211 CEL 9/1/13 at 90 years.
Bruce Huie had a biopsy, his cancer may be back. Vince Onley of Milnor #139 CEL, he was 89.
Treasurers report: $2400in the bank, time for annual dues. Notices will be sent soon.
DDGM report: Thanked 7 brothers for working Child ID at the State Fair. He Asked that the district rededicated itself to continue Masonic Education of new brothers.
The website seems to be stalled; access is restricted. A motion was made, 2nded and passed to have the website committee meet with john Hubbard's website man and send a letter to Ken Hall.
OSY Charities Golf Tourney. There were adequate door prises which were appreciated but no one new they were coming till the day of the match. It netted over $4000. Next years tournament will be at the same place, Big Oaks. Ron Galens stepped down as chairman, Greg Seaborn is the new chairman.
The Brotherhood fund is having poor communications from Grand Lodge. Jonathon Van Delinder is the new District Chairman.
Veterans Post will meet Oct 28th, the 4th Monday, at John Hodge Lodge in Naples at 7:30 pm.
Please notify the AGLs about any degree work so they can offer help and let other Lodges know about them.
DDGM Official visits; OCT 9, Seneca 113, Oct 10, Milnor, Oct 16, Milo,

Next meeting will be Nov. 9th at Canandaigua Lodge in Shortsville at 9AM, with breakfast at 8AM at Grandpa's Ice cream stand( formerly the Steak Out on Rt. 21 and Rt. 96. After the meeting there will be a Road to the east for all Wardens. Also that day the Washington bible will be on display at the State Fair grounds in Syracuse. There will be transportation available to the fair and back at the Lodge.

Dates: Oct 8th First Degree, Pocahontas Lodge #211. We need help and bodies Oct 15th First Degree at Farmerville-Union, dinner 6:30 Degree 7:30. They would like to help and bodies also.
Oct 17th Grand Lecturers Convention at Milo Lodge at 7:30, Dinner at 6:30, make reservations with the AGLs.
Oct 26th Sat. evening, District Apron Presentation, Sons of Italy, Prospect street in Geneva, 6PM cocktails, 7PM Dinner, reservations to the DDGM Jan 29, District Table Lodge, Farmerville-Union Lodge, 6:30pm.




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