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OSY District and Lodge News



December  15,  2014
To my Brothers, families and friends of Freemasonry ...
Holiday Greetings to you and those you love!  This is always a time of great personal excitement and the anticipation of fun, happiness and joy we always have during this season of the year.  We have many fond memories from many wonderful gatherings in past years and now we look forward to sharing with you the delights of the coming holidays.  I am happy to have this opportunity to communicate with you and wish you and yours many good times in the days and weeks ahead.
It is always fitting and proper that we pause to reflect on our personal good fortune and to thank the Great Architect of the Universe for our many blessings. We cherish our freedoms in this blessed land of opportunity.  We are grateful for the privilege of free assembly and the right to practice our craft, and the many blessings of family life and love.
Because this holiday period is also a season marked with the wonderful tradition of sharing and gift giving, I would hope that you might consider a special year end tax deductible gift to the Masonic Brotherhood Fund so that together we may continue to share with those we serve and those less fortunate in our communities. 
May all of you according to your faith and traditions enjoy these holidaysÖ Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful Kwanzaa, a celebration of family community and culture. 
On behalf of our Deputy Grand Master R:.W:. Jeffrey M. Williamson and his wife Carla, our entire elected and appointed Grand Line, and the entire Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York,  Susan and I wish to extend our warmest wishes to you and all of those you cherish for all the joys of the season.  We also send our most heartfelt  good wishes for the New Year 2015 Ö may everything  that you  wish for yourself be fulfilled. May we all share a year of good health, a year of growth and personal achievement and may 2015 be a year of peace on earth and good will toward all mankind.
May God continue to lift up his countenance upon you and be gracious to you and yours.  God Bless you and may God Bless the members of our Armed Forces serving our nation. God Bless our Brotherhood and all of those we serve. And may God continue to bless the United States of America.
With warmest fraternal regards and best wishes,

Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York


OSY Charities Corporation Christmas dinner

OSY Charities Corporation met 12/5/14 at Canandaigua Lodge #294 for our annual dish to pass Christmas dinner. A good time was had by all. OSY Charities is open to all District Master Masons and their ladies. Please check the website calendar for future meeting notices. Meetings are generally held at a restaurant in the district on the first Friday of the month. We would love to have you with us.



November 21, 2014 

To my Brothers, families and friends of Freemasonry in New York .... 

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving 2014 we have so much for which to be grateful.  This past year has been a wonderful and exciting time for Susan and me as we have traveled through this Grand Jurisdiction... and beyond.  It has been really inspiring for me, as your Grand Master, to meet with so many of you and share your hopes and dreams and your aspirations and your enthusiasm for our great Masonic fraternity.  

Now, as the holiday season is upon us and we look forward to enjoying another great family occasion, I want to extend our warmest personal greeting to each of you and those you love.  We hope that all of your prayers will be fulfilled and we give humble thanks for Godís many blessings. 

I hope you too will take time this week, together with those at your Thanksgiving table, to pause and reflect on the many, many things for which we can all be truly thankful Ė for the many blessings we enjoy with our families and with our friends, and with our extended Masonic family. 

On behalf of Susan and myself, RW Jeffrey Williamson, our Deputy Grand Master and Carla, and your Elected and Appointed Grand Line, we hope that you and those you hold dear enjoy Thanksgiving, and the days and weeks ahead.  May God continue to bless you and your family and our great Fraternity.  May He watch over our men and women in military service.  May God continue to Bless our great fraternity and God  Bless America! 

With warmest fraternal regards and best wishes,   

Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York


Our District Team at the recent 1st Degree at John Hodge Lodge #815

Pictured from left to right are
               V.W. Brother Steve Durso Sr.  -  AGL
               R.W. Brother John Hubbard  - DDGM
               R.W. Brother Thomas Abraham  -  GDC
               R.W. Brother Fred Newton  - AGL


Ontario-Seneca-Yates District  annual Apron Presentation-Friday October 10, 2014

These are the Minutes of the OSY District Assn Meeting on Nov 1, 2104. Please ensure that these minutes are read in open Lodge.

The Association met at Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken at 9 am on Sat Nov1, 2014 after a nice breakfast cooked by the Star at the Lodge. 11 Brothers were present from 6 Lodges. Missing were brothers from Milo, Dundee, Milnor, Garoga-Sincerity, Canandaigua, Eagle, and Geneva.

Sickness and Distress: Pat Watters is doing well and was at Charities last month. Richard Brow of Seneca Lake Lodge CEL in mid-October , there will be a Memorial Service Nov 15. RW Doug Van of Farmerville-Union Lodge is in the hospital.

DDGM Report: Apron Presentation: RW Jed Brandow received the E. Platt Soper award and was speechless. Chris Egbertson of Milo and Seneca Lake Lodges received the Daniel Carter Beard Scouter award and was present with his family. The DDGM received his apron from W. Bruce Radloff, Master of Farmerville-Union Lodge.

The DDGM announced there will be a Town Hall meeting for Deputy Grand Master Jeff Williamson on Jan 17, 2015 from 2-4 at John Hodge Lodge in Naples for OSY and Steuben Districts.

Grand Lecturers Convention: 49 brothers were present, about 1/3 were newer brothers. The DDGM thanked Pocahontas for hosting and providing dinner.

Official Visits: Nov 3, Canandaigua Lodge, Dinner at 6pm at the Lodge. Nov 11, Eagle Lodge, Dinner at the lodge before the meeting. Nov 13 Geneva Lodge. Nov 18, Farmerville-Union , Dinner at the Lodge at 6:30. Nov 25 Pocahontas lodge, Dinner at Abigailís at 5:30

Discussion: Per Capita Tax has not been changed for at least 10 years, with increased costs and lower membership it is causing an increased burden on the DDGM, especially Grand Lodge, Hospitality room, etc.. Suggestions were increasing the per capita or reducing costs, Possibility of reducing Grand Lodge trip to Sun, Mon, Tues, Discuss with Past Purple. Grand Lodge trip in May Train again? Lewis Jewel for Masonic families(Google It) Possibility of a fund raiser? There are father and sons in most Lodges who are eligible..

All items in the discussion will be on the agenda for our next meeting.

Jan 29th Table Lodge, location to be determined. 

Staff Officer Report: Candidate proficiency discussion; Meaning of Suitable Proficiency, mentors, requiring complete memorization VS being able to read cipher, understanding process, signs, tokens, obligation, etc. Some people cannot memorize. Emphasize Masonic Development Course during the degree process. DDGM and Staff Officer will work on minimum recommended proficiency. 

AGL Report :Grand Lecturerís Convention went well with perhaps 30 % present less than 10 yrs. in the craft. Several Lodges had no members present. We need to promote more visiting between lodges.  There was a quiz from the Staff Officer on Balloting.

 Committees:  Brotherhood Fund, Jon Van Delinder district chair, there was a meeting Oct 25 for Lodge chairmen

Surviving Spouses, Eldon White District Chair, the date has been set in April, 2015 more info will follow.

Masonic safety ID, we still need to upgrade the equipment.

Masonic War Vets. Post, last month we visited post namesake Daniel Bissellís gravesite, This month we visited the VA and got a tour of the VA campus. There is now a lighted sign for the post at Pocahontas Lodge in Seneca Falls, the sponsoring lodge, courtesy of RW Fred Newton.

District website, There is a link on the website for Grand Lodge. The DDGMís monthly newsletter is posted on the website as is the OSY Dist. Assn minutes. Lodge website coordinators only are allowed to post to the website. If an  individual has something important to post send it to your lodge coordinator or to Jed Brandow the district coordinator. Between Jan 2014 and Sept 30 2014 there were 51690 hits on the website by 2320 different visitors.   The annual invoice was received for the website of $537.45. A motion was made seconded and passed to pay the invoice.

Charities will be Nov 7th at 6:30 at the Redwood in Naples.

Have-a-Heart, We have committed to 2 days again this year from Feb 1 to Feb 15. There is the possibility if there is enough interest and volunteers to do it for a third day. Jed Brandow is again, or still accepting donations to Ronald Mc Donald House of nonperishable food items. Jed will deliver donations before Christmas, if anyone is interested in assisting contact Jed.

Wayne-OSY Golf tournament is the first weekend in June, our participation has been spotty or nonexistent in recent years. Proceeds of this event go to Ronald Mc Donald house. We need to get more golfers in this event. We will try to get this info out to interested golfers in a timely manner. 

The next meeting will be Jan 10th at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps at 9AM, with breakfast at 8AM at the Blue Ribbon for those who are interested. The program will be the Ritual Renaissance programs CDs 

Dates: Nov 13 is the 68th anniv of RW Dick Bellows being Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

Nov 15, MDC course at the Staff Officers house

Nov 17, First Degree at John Hodge Lodge in Naples with 5 candidates. Dinner at 6:30. Rehearsals on 11/9 and 11/16 at 6 PM

Nov 20 , there will be a program on the Royal Arch Degrees at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden put on by Geneva Chapter.

Nov 22 is Most Worshipful Bruce Widgerís birthday. He is a member of each Lodge in the OSY district. It would be fitting if each Lodge sent him a birthday card. There will be a party at the N. Syracuse Masonic Temple at 11:30 on Nov 21.


Ontario-Seneca-Yates District  annual Apron Presentation-Friday October 10, 2014

The Ontario-Seneca-Yates District held their annual Apron Presentation at the Sons of Italy Lodge in Geneva, NY on Friday October 10, 2014.
W. Bruce Radloff, Master of Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 (Interlaken) presented our District Deputy Grand Master, R.W. John C. Hubbard with his apron.
W. Robert Mattick, Master of Ark Lodge #33 (Geneva) then presented our Staff Officer, R.W. Thomas C. Abraham, with his Grand Director of Ceremonies apron.
W. Chris Egburtson, Master of Milo Lodge #108 (Penn Yan), received the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award from Grand Lodge. The presentation was made by M.W. James E. Sullivan Past Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York. This presentation included the entire Egburtson family dressed in their scout uniforms. Please see the included photo.
The R.W. E. Platt Soper Award for service to the District was presented to R.W. Jed K. Brandow, past DDGM, by the Grand Historian R.W. James H. Rice. Plaques were also presented to all past recipients of the R.W. E. Platt Soper Award as the annual award is a perpetual trophy.
Our Past Grand Master, M.W. James E. Sullivan, recognized the members of his Grand Line in attendance including R.W. Clayton R. Ruggles Senior Grand Deacon,
R.W. James H. Rice Grand Historian, and R.W. Ronald B. Galens Grand Tiler all from the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District.
After the presentation of aprons and awards our Past Grand Master, M.W. James E. Sullivan, gave a wonderful talk on Freemasonry.


Shown from left to right
R.W. Brother John C. Hubbard  District Deputy Grand Master of the OSY District
W. Brother Chris Egburtson   Master of Milo Lodge # 108 (Penn Yan) and recipient of Daniel Carter Beard Scouter Award
R.W. Brother Thomas C. Abraham   Grand Director of Ceremonies
M.W. Brother James E. Sullivan   Past Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York
W. Brother William Updike  Past Master of Seneca Lake Lodge # 308 (Dresden)


Shown from left to right
R.W. Brother John C. Hubbard   DDGM of the OSY District
W. Brother Chris Egburtson   Master of Milo Lodge # 108 (Penn Yan) and family, all in Scout Uniforms
R.W. Brother Thomas C. Abraham  Grand Director of Ceremonies
W. Brother William Updike   Past Master of Seneca Lake Lodge #308 (Dresden)


Shown from left to right
R.W. Brother James H. Rice Grand Historian
R.W. Brother John C. Hubbard  DDGM of the OSY District
R.W. Brother Jed K. Brandow  Past DDGM of the OSY District and recipient of the R.W. E. Platt Soper Award for service to the District
M.W. Brother James E. Sullivan  Past Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York
R.W. Brother Thomas C. Abraham  Grand Director of Ceremonies


Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200 recently presented the years of service pins

Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200 recently presented the years of service pins and certificates to the following brothers shown from left to right in the photo:


W. Brother Frederick Wheeler      55 years
W. Brother Robert Lash                60 years
Brother Nelson Gulvin                   60 years
R.W. Brother Ramon Howard       40 years
Congratulations and THANK YOU! Brothers


OSY District Association Meeting - Saturday September 6th

These are the OSY District Assn. Meeting minutes from Sat. Sept 6, 2014.
The assn. met at 9am after a good breakfast at Grandpaís  in Manchester. There were 16 brothers from 11 lodges.
Sickness and Distress:  Bruce Huie of Geneva 965 is doing well, and Rosie is out of the Hospital. Jack Wright also of Geneva 965 had some problems but is also out of the hospital. Ron Galenís wife Pat is doing well and we were delighted to see her at Charities last night. Pat Watters will be undergoing foot surgery at the beginning of October. Jed Brandow is doing well and Fred Newton is recovering from his latest surgery and a blood clot in his arm.
Notices and Correspondence: Received a thank you note from Fred Newton for your well wishes. A notice was received from Geneva Chapter #36 Royal Arch Masons about the 200th anniv. Of Geneva Chapter, which will be held on Nov. 2nd 2014. For more info Please contact Jamie Kaim at 315-651-0904.
DDGM Report: John Hubbard- So far it has been interesting. All Official Visits are posted on the website osydistrict.org . Milo Lodge had a devastating flood just weeks before the 100th Anniv. Rededication of the lodge building with 10 feet of  water in the basement and a loss of all electrical panels and furnaces. Through the tireless dedication of the brothers they were able to hold the rededication. All tenants are back in the building and new electrical panels and furnaces have been installed. The gas still has not been turned on and more work and cleanup remains to be done.
July 19th there was a district trestle board meeting at John Hubbardís house in Interlaken. With sessions for secretaries, Road to the East and masters chair. It was well attended with 9 Lodges represented.
Dundee and Seneca Lake, and Ark Lodge all had award ceremonies over the summer.
All Lodges need to get Lodge mailing addresses to the DDGM and Jed Brandow so they can be added to the website.
2 Masonic Safety ID programs were held over the summer, one at Interlaken school with 70 processed and one at the  Canandaigua YMCA with 44 processed . The equipment is getting old and needs to be replaced . The MSID program at the State Fair went well with participation from the district.
Brotherhood fund;  WE have now been included in an area which was lacking in recent years. Jed Brandow is the Region Chair. Jon Van Delinder is the district chair. Lodge chairmen need to be communicated to the DDGM, District Chair( Jon Van Delinder) and the region Chair( Jed Brandow).
Veterans Post; There was a graveside ceremony at Daniel Bissellís gravesite in Allenís Hill Cemetery Sat. at 2 pm, and there will be a program on Daniel Bissell on Thurs. at the Richmond town Historical Society in Honeoye at 7 pm. The next meeting of the Daniel Bissell Post # 65 will be on Sept 22 in Honeoye with a gravesite visit and dinner. Call Mark Lowe of Geneva 965 for more info.
Charities: The golf tournament was a success with 19 teams and 82 guests for dinner. There were 4 platinum sponsors, 3 gold sponsors, and 20 silver sponsors for $3750 for sponsorships. Receipts were $8238 expenses were $3809. Profits were$ 4429 with donations from 50/50 and skins. $500 were donated to a brother in need at the tournament. The chairman, Greg Seaborn is exploring the possibility of holding next yearís tournament at Reservoir Creek in Naples.
Website: osydistrict.org we need to update Lodge Officers , Please send new info to Jed Brandow. Lodges need to work on their Lodge calendars. The website chair of your lodge must put in the info, contact Jed Brandow if your chair doesnít know his username and password.
PR The District PR chair is Rob Schwarting from Penn Yan. Each lodge needs a PR representative to send any pictures or news items to Rob for coordination in placement in local papers. We also need a person from each county to laisse with Rob and lodge reps.
Staff officer report: 1 session of the Masterís Chair was held, with another needed for those who missed it. Sept 27 tentative date for the Masonic development course, we will possibly do it with the Wayne and Monroe districts. Try to do the Masonic development course during degrees and the Walk about program after the degrees. If no one in your Lodge can do it there are several brothers in the district who are willing to help. Contact the Staff Officer. Grand Lodge is exploring the possibility of lowering the required age to 18. This has been discussed before and never gone anywhere.
AGLís Report: The Grand Lecturers Convention will be held at Pocahontas Lodge in Seneca Falls at 7:30 pm on Oct. 29th  with dinner at 6:30. We will exemplify the opening and closing. There is a new Grand Lecturer and each lodge should work hard to get participation from newer brothers as hopefully they are the ones who will benefit most from this.
Election of Officers: Secretary, William Valois; Treasurer, Bill Colin; Vice President, Greg Seaborn; and our new President is Bruce Radloff from Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken.
The next meeting will be Sat. Nov 1 at 9AM at Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken with a breakfast at Jayís Diner across the street at 8am. 

Dates: Oct 10, Apron Presentation  at the Sonsí of Italy in Geneva. Dinner choices will be Steak, $23, Fish or chicken, $18. In addition to the DDGM and Staff Officer aprons, the
E. Platt Soper Award will be given and there will be a Daniel Carter  Beard scouting award given to Chris Egburtson of Milo Lodge in Penn Yan.

Oct 29th Grand Lecturers Convention, Pocahontas Lodge in Seneca Falls 7:30 PM with dinner at 6:30, Reservations to AGL,s Who can be accessed from the website.

Nov 2, 200th anniv. Of Geneva Chapter # 36 , Contact Jamie Kaim for further details

A table Lodge is being planned for the end of Jan with more info as it becomes available.


Ladies Night and Awards Night - June 26

Seneca Lake 308 and Dundee Lodge will have their annual
"Ladies Night and Awards Night" at the Dresden Hotel on June 26.  
Cocktails at 6pm with dinner to follow.  
Cost of the evening is $26 and can be paid at the door.  
W.B. Bill Updike will need to get an RSVP asap,
as the dinner count is close to final.


OSY District Association Meeting - Saturday May 10th

Please ensure that these minutes are read in open Lodge. The purpose of this Assn is communication, so communicate.
The OSY District Assn, which is open to any Mason in the OSY District, met at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden at 9 AM on Sat May 10 after an excellent breakfast prepared by the Eastern Star. There were 13 brothers present from 9 Lodges. Missing were brothers from Eagle , Geneva, Dundee, and John Hodge.
Under Sickness and distress; Fred Newton is back in Newark Hospital with and infection, should be back home next week( week of May 12). Would like to hear from brothers, his cell # is 315-283-6294. Gary Valerio of Seneca Lodge 113 was in the hospital last week, we have no recent report on him. Doug Van. Our oldest past DDGM was in the hospital, has colon cancer, his phone # is 6907532-4644.
DDGM report: Grand Lodge trip went well, wonderful trip, 11 brothers from 9 lodges made the trip. The proposal for RW AGLís was dropped. The proposals for restorations to the ritual given at the Ritual Renaissance Project were approved. 41 lodges out of 516 were awarded the Meacham award for doing all parts of all three degrees including the Q&A and Historical lectures using only Lodge brothers. From our district Garoga-Sincerity was the only Lodge to qualify.
Grand Lodge trip: The new Grand Master is MW William J Thomas, the deputy Grand Master is RW Jeffery Williamson, Senior Grand Warden, Charles Uhle , Junior Grand Warden, Richard Morley, Grand Treasurer, Charles Catapano, and the new Grand Secretary, Paul Rosen. The new Grand Lecturer will be RW Richard J Kessler from Buffalo.
Annual Report: there was a net loss in the district of 25 brothers, 11 of 13 Lodges raised brothers, 24 brothers were raised in the district, 18 NPD, 5 demit, and 29 ceased earthly labor, we currently have 752 brothers in the district.
Website: Go to osydistrict.org We still need pages for the OSY District Assn and for Charities. The Daniel Bissell Post #65 Masonic War Vets has been added as a Lodge. Jed Brandow will remain the webmaster for the main page, Each Lodge page is under the direction of the Lodge representative. If you donít know who your Lodge representative is check with Jed Brandow. For posting on the website, Word documents, JPEGs or PDFs are least costly to have posted. The website will be funded by a $1 annual assessment per member in addition to the $20 per year Lodge dues.
Our incoming DDGM , John Hubbard Thanked Jed Brandow for his leadership the last 2 years. The theme for the new Grand Master is leadership, and the new DDGM would like all his team leaders to join him on all his Official Visits. The Official Visits will be combined this year so the Staff Officer, Tom Abraham will have his visit at the same time, freeing up the team for more visits for degrees etc. The DDGM is hoping for better communication, osydistrict.org, the Masonic ID is underutilized. The DDGM will need the results of elections ,Master, SW, JW, Sec. Treas. By June 3rd for his report to GL and to make up new contact sheets email would be best.
Staff Officer report: New Staff Officer Ton Abraham, Grand Director of Ceremonies, thanked Jed Brandow and Bob Hanggi for their last 2 years of service. His role is Education , he brought a quiz. The Masterís chair program will start at the Investiture service on May 27th
Team report. AGLs no report, Brother newton is in the hospital
Brotherhood fund: no report from Grand Lodge.
Surviving spouses luncheon: there were 30 guests present, a speech was given on the white deer population at the former Army Depot. We need better communication with our surviving spouses and better follow up for the luncheon. Follow your written invitation with  phone calls offering transportation. Child ID: We have 2  machines in the district; looking for a new district chairperson as John Hubbard will have his hands full as DDGM.  The child ID at Canandaigua was successful with 44 processed.
Bruce Radloff will be the new Master of Farmerville Union.
Veterans Post: we will be marching in  the Waterloo Memorial Day Parade, The State Grand Post Commander will be marching with us. We need more masons to march as most of the war veterans marched as  masons before. Please join us, we will meet at Clark and William Street in Waterloo at 5:30 pm on May 30th with the parade to step off at 6 pm. There will be refreshments jointly hosted by Seneca and Pocahontas Lodges after the parade at the Lodge building.
Charities: the Charities Golf tournament will be August 17 with start at noon. Notices have been sent out to all Lodges. We need hole sponsors and door prizes.
Next meeting will be Sept 6 at Canandaigua Lodge in Shortsville at 9am, Breakfast at 8 am at Grandpaís( the former Lehigh station rest. on Rt. 96, election of officers
Election of Officers: it was moved seconded and passed to defer election of officers till the Sept meeting since Lodge elections have not been held yet.
Good of Masonry: We would like to put together a District degree team and put on the extended Drama. If you remember David Locke tried to do this several years ago. There is storage room at Milo Lodge in Penn Yan for records, books etc. for any lodge. Identify your material. Keys will be available for the building and the Lodge room.
May 14, Pancake supper Seneca Lake Lodge, Dresden, 4:30-7pm
May 17, Widows Sonís Fun day, Webster Firemanís field, Widows sons is a cycle club made up of Masons.
May 18, District Memorial service , United Church of Phelps, 2pm
May 27, District Investiture Service, 6:30 dinner 7:30 Service, Reservations are necessary for dinner
May 30, Memorial Day Parade, meet 5:30 , corner of Clark and William streets, refreshments at Pocahontas lodge after parade
June 10, 3rd Degree at Eagle Lodge in Honeoye
June 14, Old Home Days parade, Interlaken, meet at 12:30 in front of the school
June 14, Milo BBQ at the Lyons Bank in Penn Yan
June 21, St Johnís Day Utica. Support our new Grand Lodge Officers, carpooling is available contact Jed Brandow
June 28, Milo Lodge Open House 1pm, Rededication 3pm
July 19, Masters and Wardens meeting at John Hubbardís House, more info to come
Aug 17, Charities Golf event, Big Oaks, noon start
Sept 6, OSY District Assn Mtg. 9am Canandaigua Lodge in Shortsville

Visit osydistrict.org for updates, news and upcoming events


To all District Masters, and Secretaries

Please read at your next regular communication: 

Milo Lodge No.108 experienced some devastating flooding, which resulted in nine feet of water in their basement.
The good news is that the foundation was not damaged, the bad news is that everything in the basement was destroyed. From carpeting, hardwood flooring, power panels, and furnaces. The brothers at Milo have been able to strip and clean the basement to the concrete floor and walls.
At this point their checking account has been depleted.  
I would encourage each Lodge, and brother in the Ontario, Seneca, Yates District to assist our distressed worthy brothers at Milo, by making as large a donation as possible to help them get back in operation.
At this time they are still planning to hold the 100 year re-dedication of the building on June 28,2014, with several Grand Line Officers to be in attendance.
Please send your contributions directly to Milo Lodge No.108, 129 East Elm Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Thank you for your help.

John C Hubbard

D.D.G.M. O.S.Y. District
John C Hubbard
7768 County Rd. 153
Interlaken, NY 14847


Penn Yan Rain Storm


On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, a severe thunder and rain storm came through the Branchport and Penn Yan area and dumped 5 to 9 inches of rain in different sections over about a 4 to 5 hours period. Because Penn Yan is at the lowest point of the surrounding area the rain runoff accumulated toward the center of the village. A stream called Jacobís Brook that runs through the center of town acquired all this water. On East Elm Street, Jacobís Brook runs under the street and several parking lots to eventually empty into the Keuka Outlet near the Burkett Mills facility. As the brook enters under the municipal parking lot next to the Wagner restaurant the water level is normally 12 to 15 feet below the macadam of the parking lot. Due to the accumulation of debris and vehicles the entry of the brook under the ground was partially blocked. With the huge amount of water causing the brook level to rise which flooded over the parking lot and East Elm Street. The water was one to three feet high crossing East Elm Street in front of the Lodge and surging down Basin Street on the west side of the Lodge.

The parking lot directly to the west of the Lodge and behind the Odd Fellows/Millieís Pantry, Main Street, building suffered significant damage because of the water. Several vehicles that were parked in the lot overnight were still there the next day as the parking lot had dropped several feet trapping the cars. The building that housed the Owlís Nest on Seneca Street directly to the south of the parking lot had collapsed.

On the east side of basin Street the building that formerly housed the Penn Yan Police Department was completely flooded, showing a water and mud level of at least 9 to 10 feet high on its north wall. The Masonic Lodge and Penn Yan Diner buildings had at least 9 Ĺ feet of water in their basements. The diner lost all its coolers and freezers that kept their food stocks in their basement. Even though they were almost full the water had floated them out of the original locations.

The space between the Lodge and old PYPD building had four trash dumpsters and a lot of debris accumulated after the water receded. One of the dumpster had destroyed a doorway to the basement of the Lodge and was sitting on top of an emergency electrical generator. Another dumpster was located between the metal railing and the Lodge building along Basin Street several feet off the ground.

The windows in the former stage area of the basement work broken out. The mechanicals room in the basement had the furnaces and all electrical panels covered with mud and water. The two store rooms were completely covered and all items lost. The drop ceiling in the raised lounge area of the basement was taken down by the water and mud. The two bathrooms in the basement were destroyed. The stairway to the main street level was completely covered almost to the first floor level with mud and water.

On Wednesday evening, May 14th the Lodge officers were to have a meeting to begin scraping the entryway to the second floor for painting to be done. Needless to say these plans were put on hold due to the flood. With no electricity in the building, John Long provided two generators to supply power to several large fans he acquired to begin the drying out process. He had spent the day at the Lodge removing the carpet in the Living Well store (damaged beyond recovery) and working with the Cross Fit renter in the basement to remove the mud and water in the basement. The carpet in the front area of the Literacy Volunteers store was also removed.

During that week electricity had been restored to the first floor stores so that more fans could be placed to begin the drying out process, plus a new breaker panel box had been installed. No water service is available to any part of the building except for a spigot at the water entrance. This was used to supply water to a power washer to remove the mud coatings of the walls in the basement and to clean the floors. A second source of water was obtained from the Wagner Restaurant to help power wash the from entry and stairway to the basement.

On Saturday, May 17, the Cross Fit members had totally removed the hardwood floor from all the basement areas and stacked it behind the Lodge. All of their floor mats had been removed and stacked outside.  The officers of the Lodge gathered to help shovel and sweep the basement and assess the damage to the building. The Master, Chris Egburtson, had brought a portable pump and hoses to remove the mud and water from a sump area in the southwest corner of the basement.

During the week of the 19th of May all the debris and mud behind the Lodge has been removed through the efforts of John Long. We can now access the back of the building to begin repairing and replacing doors, windows, etc.

The Lodge has spent all its funds to complete was has been done so far. We still need to have more electrical and plumbing work done. Also we will need to replace the furnaces and sub floor in the basement. The main basement floor will have cement poured the week of June 1st.

John Long is pursuing obtaining any grants that might be available to help us restore the building to its former status. So far we are still scheduling the 100 year dedication of the building for June 28th. The Lodge greatly appreciates the assistance given by several Masonic related organizations and to those who may do so in the future.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Jim Rice, Lodge Historian


Several Brothers from Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 and the District Deputy
present Brother Fred Asay with his 65 year pin

Several Brothers from Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 and the District Deputy recently travelled to Sterling House at Altera in Ithaca to present Brother Fred Asay with his 65 year pin and certificate. It was an especially pleasant evening with Brother Asay and his grand daughter. After the presentation Brother Asay shared some of his life experiences while cake and coffee was enjoyed by all. Congratulations Brother Asay and thank you for your service to our fraternity.


OSY Masonic ID event at the Canandaigua YMCA

The brothers and ladies of the OSY district recently held a Masonic ID event at the Canandaigua YMCA as part of their Healthy Kids Day. 44 children had their information processed and returned to their parents. Thanks to all who helped out. It was a very rewarding day.


The Brothers of the OSY District wish W. Brother Al Mann
a very happy 99th birthday on 3-28-14

Pictured are W. Brother Al Mann and his wife Fran, along with
W. Brother John Bolton (Master of John Hodge Lodge #815)


OSY District Association Meeting - Saturday March 8th

Brother: These are the minutes of the OSY District Assn. Please ensure that these are read aloud in open Lodge.


The District Assn. met at Milo Lodge in Penn Yan at 9 am on March 8th after a fine breakfast at the Wagener Restaurant. There were 15 brothers from 11 Lodges. Missing were brothers from Dundee and Eagle Lodges.
Under sickness and distress Bruce Huie is in remission and was at charities Friday night. Bill Valois had back surgery in Jan and is recovering well. RW Doug Van. the districts oldest past DDGM is on the upswing with his health.RW Fred Newton is having Prostate problems.
Treasures Report: Currently $1527in the account.
DDGM Report: Have-a-Heart campaign; The response of Brothers to support the Ronald Mc Donald House has been fantastic and the DDGM thanked the District for their participation. Our district collected $1531 over 2 days Grand Lodge trip; we will be departing by train on 5/3, cost of the train will be around $122 round trip, will be staying at the Edison and returning on Weds. Get your reservations asap. as room prices are climbing daily. The DDGM is looking for activities for Sunday. Three Lodges have not submitted thee Annual Report. If your annual report is not received by Grand Lodge, or you have not paid GL dues your Lodge will not be allowed to Vote at Grand Lodge Surviving Spouses Lunch will be April 12th at the Clifton Springs CC at noon with the program on the Army Depot white deer. The District Memorial service will be May 18that 2pm names for deceased brothers should be sent to the AMDE as soon as possible. the DDGM stressed the need to promote the education assistance program should be promoted to all brothers not just those regularly in Lodge.
The DDGM thanked the brothers of the District for their support for the last two years.
Staff Officer Report: RW Bob Hanggi thanked the district for all the support from the brothers. The remaining Staff Officer visits are posted on the District website. The MDC course will be given at Pocahontas Lodge at 8:30 on Sat March 15, bring your ritual book.

The new team for the District was announced. The new DDGM will be W John Hubbard from Farmerville-Union Lodge. Thee new Staff Officer will be W Tom Abraham from Ark Lodge. The AGLs will remain W Fred Newton from Pocahontas Lodge and VW Steve Durso from Garoga-Sincerity.

AGL Report: Upcoming Degrees; 3/17 3rd degree at John Hodge Lodge in Naples start at 5:30 will need help with the 2nd section and if you are planning to go to dinner reservations are required. 4/10 Milo Lodge 3rd degree, early start, need lots of help.4/20 first degree at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden. 4/8 1st degree Eagle Lodge, 5/13 2nd Degree Eagle Lodge,6/10 3rd degree, they will need help at the 5rd degree. 3/18 1st degree Garoga-Sincerity Lodge 1st degree with an exemplar followed by 4/15 2nd degree for the Meacham award for next year. Investiture service will be May 29th at 7:30 at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge.
Ritual Ren. for the 2nd degree will be held 4/29 at the Shrine Center in Webster, check-in at 8 am, cost $10 includes lunch, reservations by 4/23, should be attended by RR director, Master and the one doing the degree.

Charities will meet next month on 4/11 at Abigail's. at the meeting of 3/7 it was voted to donate $250 to each of 5 hospices in the district, also voted to donate $500 to Ron Galens and Pat to help with their expenses for Pat's fight with cancer.
The Golf Tourney will be held on Aug17th at noon a Big Oaks golf course. Letters are in the works and will be out soon.
Brotherhood fund seems to be having problems with the Grand Lodge committee.
There was a discussion about communication and social meat we need to use multiple methods of communication. Rob Schwarting spoke on PR, there is a lack of communication from the Lodges. Promote the Website, and disseminate news and info to brothers in the lodge and your farflung brothers.
There was a long discussion about ways to promote the District Assn., Charities, with the possibility of designating a brother from each lodge to be a representative, have speakers at meetings, Using the Invest. service to introduce Masters to the District Assn.
The Grand Historian suggested using the District Library at Milo Lodge for storage for lodge records stored by lodge, with info available on line.
Next meeting will be May 10th because of Grand Lodge, we willbe meeting at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden at 9am wit breakfast available at the lodge before the meeting.Tom Abraham will do a program keeping lodge interest.

Please excuse  grammar and punctuation problems, my laptop is having a nervous breakdown.
Dates: Degree info is in the body of the minutes.
March 10, Wayne Masters and Wardens meeting 7:30 Palmyra there will be a talk about Soloman;s Temple March 24, Masonic War Vets will meet at Milo Lodge at 7:30 March 31, Table Lodge, Monroe Dist. at the Webster Shrine Center, reservations by March 17.
May 30, Memorial Day parade in Waterloo, meet at 5:30 at Clark and Williams Street, Refreshments at Pocahontas lodge by brothers from Seneca Lodge.
June 21 Rededication of Milo Lode Building for the buildings 100th Anniversary.


Have A Heart Booth at Eastview Mall - February 2014

       click on picture for full size      

The brothers of the Ontario/Seneca/Yates District recently covered 2 days at the Have A Heart Booth at Eastview Mall.  We collected over $1500 over our 2 days in support of the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester.  Thank you to all the Brothers who volunteered their time in support of this terrific cause.  Job well done my brothers.  Featured are Brothers who covered the 3pm - 6pm slots on Friday and Saturday.


Masonic Times - February 2014

As I sit by my pellet stove writing this newsletter it is -8◦ outside.  Winter has certainly arrived in the Finger Lakes.  It is frigid and icy, but at the same time peaceful and beautiful. While keeping warm seems to be a challenge this year, keeping busy in the OSY District has been no trouble at all. 

January saw the completion of official visits, a meeting of the OSY District Association, and a festive time for all those in attendance at our District Table Lodge at Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 in Interlaken. We thank our Grand Lecturer for being with us and sharing his thoughts and insights.  It is always a joy to have R.W. Brother Strang visit our district. Thanks also to Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 and South Seneca Chapter #200 OES for hosting the event and providing the fantastic meal. 

Degree work continues around the district. The ritual work being done is excellent and brothers from all corners of the district have helped insure that all parts are filled and our candidates receive the best degrees possible.  It is truly a blessing to have so many brothers who are ready, willing and able to help wherever needed in degree work.  The work will continue at Farmerville-Union, John Hodge, Ark, Pocahontas, Dundee and Milo Lodges this winter/spring.  Please make an effort to attend and support the degree work wherever you can. I know our candidates appreciate the support, as do the lodges holding the degrees. 


February 7th and 8th 

The Ontario-Seneca-Yates District Association has committed to man the Have-A-Heart booth at Eastview Mall for 2 days in February.  We will be covering Friday February 7th and Saturday February 8th from noon until 9pm both days. The Have-A-Heart Campaign is a means of raising funds to support the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Rochester.  This is a terrific cause as the Ronald McDonald House provides housing, warm meals and transportation between Strong Memorial Hospital and the House for the families of children being treated at the hospital.  We have been collecting non-perishable food items for Ronald McDonald House for the past 2 years and feel this is an excellent way for us to do just a little bit more for those families that have children being treated at the hospital.  Please consider giving 3 hours of your time to join us at the booth and support the great work being done by the Ronald McDonald House.

February 13th  -  Staff Officer Visit at Milnor Lodge #139 in Shortsville @ 7:30pm

February 19th  -  Staff Officer Visit at Milo Lodge #108 in Penn Yan @ 7:30pm

February 25th  -  Staff Officer Visit at Eagle Lodge #619 in Honeoye @ 7:30pm

March 8th -  Masonic Development Course will be presented by Grand Sword Bearer  R.W. Bro. Robert

                     Hanggi at Milo Lodge #108 in Penn Yan @ 8:30am


OSY District Association Meeting - Saturday January 11th


These are the minutes of the OSY District Association.  Please ensure that they are read in open Lodge. 

The OSY District Association met at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps at 9AM after a great breakfast at the Blue Ribbon.  There were 11 brothers present from 7 lodges.  Missing were representatives from Seneca #113, Milnor #139, Milo #108, Dundee #123, Pocahontas #211, and Seneca Lake  #308.   

Sickness & Distress:  Bruce Huie had his last Chemo Treatment, now waiting six weeks for his reevaluation.  Joe Gillotti from Ark #33 Ceased Earthly Labor on 1/1/14 - Memorial Service was 1/5/14.  Joe Nye - Home now and doing better.  Patty Galens - tired/No stamina treatments working off till 5/1/14 - 2 treatments/good blood work - no more treatments for 3-5 years.  Howard Colegrove is doing well. 

Notices & Correspondence:  Minutes of last meeting (11/9/13) read. 

DDGM Report:  Went to Ronald McDonald House to drop off more food.  Treasurer's report from RW Bill Colin - $1312.  All official visits except for Ark #33 (1/15/14) complete.  All visits went well.  Working on Grand Lodge Trip - Train $122 for round trip, for more information contact DDGM.  Only issue last year was trip from hotel to train station.  Trip is Saturday (5/3/14) thru Wednesday (5/7/14).  Have a Heart Days at Eastview Mall in Masonic Times.  We have committed to Friday (2/7/14) 12p to 9p and Saturday (2/8/14) 12p to 9p.  If you haven't signed up yet contact DDGM, we still have times available.  Please show up 15 minutes early to get quick instructions.  Dress is business casual (coat and tie).  Surviving Spouse's Luncheon to be scheduled for 4/2014 will be added to OSY calendar. 

Staff Officer's Report:  Visits in February soon to be on OSY Calendar.  Reservoir Creek Golf Course now owned by Brother (Tony) interested in seeing if we could have the Charities Golf outing there next year.   

AGL Report:  RW Fred Newton & Bill Valois are at sea.  Masonic Safety ID at Farmerville-Union in June.  Scams - Grand Lodge has sent out an e-mail about scams.

We will be scheduling the 1st and 3rd Degree Historical Lectures this year - dates to be determined (see OSY calendar). 

Good of Masonry:  The meeting was opened by a prayer and pledge of allegiance led by John Hubbard who then opened the meeting.  John Hubbard visited with Doug Van S he seems to be doing well.  Eldon White - somewhere in Florida after stopping to visit in North Carolina.  No Special Guests.  Brotherhood Fund - No Updates.  Website - It was brought up that a few brother's have had an issue with a wrong web page coming up when on the website.  The server the website is on has been checked and there have been no issues with the server.  You should double check your computer for viruses and other issues.  The Masonic War Veterans now have a page on the website.  About 1/3 of the lodges are actively updating information on the web pages.  It was suggested that we show the website at Lodge.  Talked about adding Charities and OSY Association to website.     


1/15/14 DDGM visit to Ark #33 - dinner at 6pm at Emile's lodge open at 7:30pm.

1/23/14  Geneva Lodge #965 - DEC Trapping Demo at 8pm - RSVP to Master or Secretary

1/29/14  Table Lodge at Farmerville-Union, speaker will be Grand Lecturer RW Robert Strang  - to attend please contact either W. Everett Newton (607-279-1388) or John Hubbard (607-351-3222) - There are only fifty seats available so don't wait, call for your reservation now. 

2/3/14  2nd Degree at John Hodge Lodge

3/8/14 OSY Association Meeting at Milo Lodge - 8am breakfast at the Wagner with the meeting following at 9am at Milo Lodge and Masonic Development Course after meeting.

5/18/14 District Memorial Service at 2pm at United Church of Phelps

5/30/14  Memorial Day Parade - Grand Commander of Masonic Var Veterans to attend and possibly the Grand Post flag detail.

Golf Tournament - to be determined (Sunday in August) see website for details


Masonic Times - January 2014

Then end of one year and beginning of another often brings on a feeling of reflection and resolution. So it is that I am filled with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all of the support, encouragement, brotherly love, and charity shown by the brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District over the last year.  You have taken our three great tenets to heart and lived them in your daily lives and actions. You have cherished each other, supported each other and cared for each other in ways both large and small.  I feel so blessed to have brothers like each of you. May the Great Architect of the Universe continue to bless each of you and your families, and may you have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Our recently re-designed and re-launched district website is up and running.  Please take a moment and visit www.osydistrict.org and check it out.  You will find an up to date district calendar, a district news page (including a link to a district newsletter), and a page for each lodge featuring a lodge specific calendar and lodge specific news items.  New items and events are being added daily and we want to use the website as one of our chief means of communication and information for the district.  If you would like to have a news item or event listed on the website please contact your lodge website coordinator with the information. 

Our OSY District Table Lodge is set for Wednesday, January 29th. It will be held at Farmerville-Union Lodge #183 in Interlaken at 6:00pm.  Our honored guest and speaker for the evening will be R.W. Robert W. Strang Jr., our Grand Lecturer. Cost for the dinner will be $20.00. Space limits our seating to 50, so please make your reservations with me by phone or email by January 25th

The Ontario-Seneca-Yates District Association has committed to man the Have-A-Heart booth at Eastview Mall for 2 days in February.  We will be covering Friday February 7th and Saturday February 8th from noon until 9pm both days. The Have-A-Heart Campaign is a means of raising funds to support the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Rochester.  This is a terrific cause as the Ronald McDonald House provides housing, warm meals and transportation between Strong Memorial Hospital and the House for the families of children being treated at the hospital.  We have been collecting non-perishable food items for Ronald McDonald House for the past 2 years and feel this is an excellent way for us to do just a little bit more for those families that have children being treated at the hospital.  Please consider giving 3 hours of your time to join us at the booth and support the great work being done by the Ronald McDonald House. 

Finally, official visits have been completed with the exception of Ark Lodge #33 in Geneva. That official visit will be on Wednesday January 15th. The Masters, Secretaries and Treasurers of each lodge have done a terrific job. I thank you all for your commitment, love of the craft, and service to your lodge.



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