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OSY District and Lodge News


The Brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District will once again be helping to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester

The Brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District will once again be helping to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester by covering the Have A Heart Booth at Eastview Mall in Victor. We are responsible for Thursday February 11th through Saturday February 13th. The hours to cover are 3-9 pm on Thursday and Noon – 9pm on Friday and Saturday. We are planning to work in 3 hour shifts.
Please notify RW Jed Brandow of a slot you can cover. As slots are covered it will be noted here. Thank you my Brothers for all you do for our beloved craft. 

Thursday 2/12/15

3 – 6 pm                              
6 – 9 pm                               Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200

Friday 2/13/15

Noon – 3pm                        
3 – 6pm                                Farmerville-Union Lodge #183
6 – 9pm                                Ark Lodge #33

Saturday 2/14/15

Noon – 3pm                         James H Rice
3 – 6pm                               


OSY District Assn minutes from Nov.7, 2015

The OSY District Assn. met at Milo Lodge in Penn Yan on Nov 7th at 9 AM after breakfast at the Wagener Restaurant. There were 14 brothers from 10 lodges present.
Sickness and Distress: Brother Tom Smart Sr of Geneva 965 CEL on Oct 22, There will be a Masonic Service, Date to be announced. Michael Todi of Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken is a candidate for heart transplant.
DDGM Report: Charities donated money to assist Brother Todi. Three of the DDGM Official Visits have been completed. The visits have been very enjoyable.
Edict Degrees are still in effect and the DDGM, STAFF Officer, AGL's and Web master must be notified one month in advance. There needs to be more traveling between Lodges. All Lodges in the district should have a 5 year plan to project enrollment, cost of business, and planned Masonry in the community Staff Officer report: The visits have been great, there have been different quizzes on Etiquette and protocol at each visit, which will be compiled after the visits are complete. The Road to the East program has just been completed.  There are currently 7 Entered Apprentices in the district and the  Staff Officer would like to start a Masonic Development program. Mentoring is essential to keeping brothers involved and should continue after the 3rd degree.
Lowering the age to 18 for initiation is an important item on the Grand Master's agenda and will likely come up at Grand Lodge and all lodges need to think about it and discuss it in Lodge.
AGL Report: Dundee and Seneca Lake held a combined first degree for three brothers and it went well.
Business: there was a continuing discussion about suitable proficiency. The Staff Officer, Tom Abraham will put together a committee to come up with guidelines for suitable proficiency.
Contact info on Seneca and Mohawk District Boy Scouts has been sent has been sent to Lodges.
There is a proposal for a district wide eucre tournament, What are your thoughts on this?
Surviving spouses luncheon will be April 23 at Clifton Springs Country Club
Apron Presentation: there is a possibility of having MW Carl Smith being the speaker.
MSID: there are currently no child IDs scheduled for this year. The computers have been updated to the new software.
Website committee should meet this month. We will be switching to Wordpress. The website for those who would like to download the manual is  http://easywpguide.com/wordpress-manual/
Golf tournament was a big success with 30 teams playing, it made just under $ 3500 for Charities. Brenda Seaborn was voted to chair the tournament again next year.
Ronald McDonald House- Jed will be making another run before Christmas, Contact Jed Brandow if you have any donations of needed items . The question was raised if there was any interest in having a ritual competition. The entrants would be non officers and would all be required to do the same part.
The Travelling Gavel is at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge and the Traveling Trowel is at Ark Lodge.
The next meeting will be at Eagle Lodge on Jan 9th at 9am.
Nov 12, DDGM Official Visit Geneva Lodge
Nov 21, Pork roast dinner, 4:30, Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps
Nov 23, Masonic War Vets meeting, Eagle Lodge Honeoye, 7pm
Nov 30, Grand Lecturers Convention, Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps Dinner 6:30
Dec 4, Charities, Dish to pass dinner, Garoga-Sincerity Lodge Phelps, Bring donations of non-perishable food items and paper products for the House of John.


OSY District Assn minutes from Sept 12, 2015

The OSY District Assn met at Geneva Lodge at 9AM after breakfast at the L&R Diner. There were 15 brothers present from 10 Lodges. Missing were brothers from Eagle and Dundee Lodges.

Sickness and distress: Greg Seaborn of Canandaigua lodge CEL over the summer after a long battle with Cancer, a masonic service was held. Rachael Bellows just got out of the Hospital after a bout of bronchial pneumonia. Jed Brandow’s mother was taken to the hospital yesterday. John Wright is doing better. Tony Khoury of Ark Lodge will be moving to California permanently. Rosie Huie had her other hip replaced. Gird Harris of Canandaigua Lodge  CEL, a masonic service was held. Clayton Barnard of Milnor Lodge CEL, no Masonic service was held.

DDGM Report :  There was a good turnout for Grand Lodge. July 18, Don Dill Appreciation night was well attended.

Aug 8 trestle board meeting with breakouts for secretaries, Master’s Chair program, website, and Road to the East.

Aug 16 OSY Charities Golf Tournament; 30 teams at Reservoir Creek in Naples, Brenda Seaborn managed it well and has been asked to do it again next year , again at Reservoir Creek.

DDGM suggests that Masters and Secretaries promote Charities which meets first Friday of most months at various area restaurants.

The website Software is no longer supported and a change of format will cost $800. There will be a website meeting Sept 28 at Pocahontas Lodge at 6:15 prior to the Masonic War Vets meeting.

Aug 25 the DDGM went to Ronald McDonald House to present $465 from the Wayne, OSY Golf Tournament.

August 31 State Fair Masonic ID was well attended with 10 district brothers helping. The District Masonic ID equipment has been re programmed .

$721 was raised from the district through Grand Master’s Pin Sales, The Grand Master has pledged to use it for Camp Turk tuition.

DDGM Stipend: there are currently 731 brothers in the district with a per capita of approx. $1.92. the DDGM proposed an increase in the per capita for the next DDGM. There followed a discussion about the future of Masonry with declining membership and increasing costs and the possibility of regions instead of districts.

Staff Officer Report: At the trestle board meeting the three new masters completed the Master’s Chair. The MDC will be held as new brothers enter the craft.

The Staff Officers portion of the official visits will encompass Masonic Etiquette.

The Livingston Library is looking for a new Director, there will be a Lodge History website developed as part of the Library.

AGL Report: The Edict degrees are still in effect and must be observed by an AGL. Always contact the AGL, DDGM and Staff  Officer for degrees. Resources are available to help with degrees.

Committees : Surviving Spouses: will try to arrange a later date in April because of Easter.

Veterans Post: next meeting will be Sept 28th at Pocahontas. Meeting dates should be available on Pocahontas Lodge calendar.

Website: continue to send items for inclusion to Jed Brandow, Use the calendar. Copy articles and pictures to Rob Schwarting. The website committee will meet on Sept 28 at Pocahontas lodge at 6:15 pm.

Charities: no report on the Golf tournament. The apron Presentation will be skipped this year. Discussed making second year a recognition dinner incorporating possibly Eagle Scout Awards. There was a long discussion about Eagle Scout Awards.

Business: a motion was made seconded and passed that E cigarettes fall under the same restrictions as tobacco products and are prohibited from all enclosed Masonic functions.

Election of Officers: President, Bruce Radloff; VP, Dr Dan Biery; Secretary, William Valois; Treasurer, William Colin.

The next meeting will be held at Milo Lodge Nov 7th at 9am with breakfast at the Wagener at 8 am for those interested.


Dates : Sept 19 Pork dinner at Garoga Sincerity, 4:30 pm ,

Sept 22 First degree Pocahontas Lodge 211 7:30

October 15 Open Air Lodge, Seneca Lake Lodge at a location just North of Dresden6pm start with a pig roast, cost $15 contact Master or Secretary for details

Nov 3 Garoga-Sincerity will have a program on the Masonic Medical Research Lab, Spaghetti dinner 6pm program 7:30

Nov 17 Scottish Rite program at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge, 7:30

Grand Lecturer’s Convention will be held at Garoga- Sincerity Lodge , Date to be determined


Pocahontas Lodge #211 Installation of Officers

Shown from left to right with no regard to row are:
W. John Mulford  - Marshall
R.W. John Hubbard - District Deputy Grand Master
Bro. William Palmer  - Junior Master of Ceremonies
R.W. Fred Newton - Senior Deacon
R.W. Thomas Abraham - Grand Director of Ceremonies
W. James Mulford - Senior Warden
W. Sam Clark - Treasurer
W. Jonathon VanDelinder - Master
W. Lee VanDelinder - Chaplain
R.W. Richard Bellows -  Junior Warden
Bro. James Lambert  -  Junior Deacon
W. Gary Valerio  -  Tiler
R.W. William Valois  -  Secretary
W. William Braunig  -  Senior Master of Ceremonies
Bro. William Sherwood  -  Steward


Meeting Site News!

All Brothers please note that Milnor Lodge #139 will be meeting at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200 in Phelps for all remaining communications in May and June.


Minutes of the OSY District Assn meeting on May 2, 2015

The OSY District Assn. met on Sat May 2 at 9 am at Pocahontas Lodge after a pancake and egg breakfast provided by the Brothers of the Lodge with help from Seneca Lodge brothers. There were 14 brothers present from 8 lodges. Missing were brothers from Eagle 619, Milo 108, Dundee 123, Seneca Lake  308, and John Hodge 815.

Sickness and Distress: Don Dill is doing well at the living center in Geneva and would like calls or visitors. For contact info check with the DDGM, John Hubbard. Greg Seaborn is not doing well, he will start another round of chemo soon. RW Jack Wright has new pacemaker and seems to be doing better .Rosie Huie is doing alright with her hip replacement. Don Tiffany of Garoga-Sincerity  ceased earthly labor, a Masonic service was held with about 40 brothers present. Tony Khoury and his wife have moved to Ferris Hills in Canandaigua, Tony is still depressed. Gene Pierce Master of Dundee Lodge broke his femur and had a hip replaced while in the hospital.

Due to water and  settling problems at Canandaigua Lodge in Shortsville, Milnor is planning to hold its meetings at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge until after Summer break.

Treasurers report is available if anyone has questions. There was a semiannual invoice presented for posting 25 items to the website for $187.50. A motion was made seconded and passed to pay the bill.

DDGM Report: A table lodge hosted by Dundee Lodge was held at Glenora Winery on April 29th.  It was well attended with 32 brothers and went well. The DDGM, John Hubbard thanked Tom Abraham for organizing it and Rob Schwarting for presenting it. The OSY Wayne Golf Tournament will be June 6, 2015 at the Winged Pheasant Golf club. Sign in will be 7am and tee off at 7:45, the cost will be $55. Contact The DDGM for more info.

Interlaken Old Home Days will be June 6th , Parade to start at 1pm meet in front of the school.

Dispensations required from the DDGM; First degree at other than the home Lodge, Other Degrees put on by a lodge at a different location. Grand Lodge Trip: meet at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge at 7:30-7:45 Sunday morning to leave for the train station by 8 am, Hospitality suite will be provided by the DDGM.

Staff Officer Report: The Masonic Development course in Naples has been completed . The Road to the East will start in June for the new masters, as well as the Masters Chair time to be decided.

AGL Report: Investiture service has been scheduled for Weds. May 27,  7:30 at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps, Dinner at 6:30, make sure to make reservations with the AGL Fred Newton or Steve Durso. The AGL’s have paperwork for the Meacham award if your lodge qualifies. Any time there is a Degree scheduled the AGL’s and the DDGM should be notified by the Lodge holding the Degree.


Brotherhood Fund: District, 173 brothers donated $7610, for 22.16% participation. The lodges in the district go from a low of 1.75% to a high of 45% participation

Surviving spouses luncheon, 45 present the program was excellent.

Masonic ID program, 1 machine is still out of order, waiting for Grand Lodge for info on updating software. There will be a program at Farmerville Union in June.

Veterans Post: had no meetings in several Months due to weather, sickness and the table lodge. We will be marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Waterloo in lieu of our next meeting. The June Meeting will be June 22.

Website: the trowel is at Seneca Lake Lodge #308, the gavel is at John Hodge Lodge, Dates will be updated as Jed Brandow gets info. Received a semiannual invoice for 25 items for 187.50. Motion made seconded and passed to pay the invoice.

Ronald McDonald House: donations will be taken before the end of May.

Charities: Bylaws were read and discussed and sent back to the trustees. Two donations of $500 each were made to district masons in need.

Golf Tourn.:  reminder to get hole sponsors and door prizes , It will be at Reservoir creek in Naples this year in Aug.

Business: Bylaws, voted on changes to bylaws, Motion made seconded and passed to change Article III sect 2 to read Dues shall be $20 per Lodge per year, due in Sept. The website  osydistrict.org shall be supported by a fee of $1.00 per person per lodge per year.

Motion made seconded and passed to change Article II section 1 to read: The elective officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice-president, Secretary , and Treasurer, who shall be elected annually at the September meeting.


May 3-6 Grand Lodge trip

May 7 Blood drive at Phelps Community Center, sponsored by Garoga-Sincerity Lodge

May 9 CPR course at Farmerville-Union Lodge in Interlaken, 8PM

May 15 Dewitt Clinton Award presented by Milo Lodge in Penn Yan 5:30 PM

May 17 Memorial Service 3PM Interlaken Reform Church, Across from the school in Interlaken

May 18 second degree, Canandaigua Lodge at Phelps Masonic Temple

May 27  Investiture Service At Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps, 7:30, Dinner 6:30

May 30  Waterloo Memorial Day Parade, Meet at Clark and William Streets at 5:30pm. Parade starts at 6pm

May 30 BBQ at Lyons Bank in Penn Yan sponsored by Milo Lodge

District Trestle board date and Location to be announced

June 16, Garoga-Sincerity  end of year steak roast 6PM cost $15 reservations needed

June 18, Dundee and Seneca Lake Lodge awards dinner at Dresden Hotel check with Lodges for time

June 27, St Johns’ day, Utica. Let’s support our Grand Lodge Officers


family and friends, joined to celebrate the 100th birthday of W. Brother Al Mann

On Saturday March 28, 2015 the Brothers of John Hodge Lodge #815 F & AM, the Brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District, and members of the Naples Rotary Club, along with many family and friends, joined to celebrate the 100th birthday of W. Brother Al Mann. W. Brother Al has truly been an inspiration and example for all of us over these many years. W. Brother Al, we say thank you for all you have done for the craft and all you have taught us. We wish you a very happy birthday and continued health and happiness.


Minutes of the OSY District Assn meeting on March 7, 2015

The OSY Dist. Assn. met at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden at 9 AM on March 7th , after an excellent breakfast provided by the Stars. There were 14 brothers present from 9 Lodges, counting dual members 10 Lodges were represented. Missing were  brothers from Eagle 619, Geneva 965, and Dundee 123.

Sickness and Distress: Greg Seaborn from Canandaigua Lodge is having breathing issues and shoulder problems. Former Grand Lecturer Bob Strang’s brother has passed away, Don Khoury, Ark Lodge’s Tony Khoury’s brother has also ceased earthly labor. Don Dill of Farmerville-Union lodge is in permanent residence at the living center on Preemption Road in Geneva and would appreciate visitors. Lou Jerger of Farmerville-Union Lodge is back home and doing well. Mark Lowe of Geneva 965 has had carpal tunnel surgery and will be laid up for a while.

Notices and Correspondence: From Ronald McDonald House, two thank you notes for donations of food and supplies from the OSY district. Thank you from Kevin Radloff of Farmerville-Union Lodge to OSY Charities for a donation after a fire which destroyed his appt. in NJ.

DDGM Report: Per capita, 716 brothers in the district, the DDGM will make up a budget and divide the amt. by 716 to return to a true per capita for the district. Grand Lodge trip, The train will cost approx. 125  for a round trip. 9:56 departure from Syracuse, Sunday 5/ 3, return Weds morning after Grand Lodge, We will be staying at the Pennsylvania Hotel across the street from Penn 

Station, the cost will be approx. 275 to 300 per night. Lewis Jewel: available from Grand Lodge, - Lodge services. The DDGM thanked the brothers for their help and cooperation during his first year.

Committees: Brotherhood Fund, no recent report, Surviving spouses, there will be a communication this week. MSID no updates, Website, news items are posted regularly, if you have any items get them to Jed Brandow for posting. March is Colon Cancer awareness month, need a screening every 10 years unless there is a family history of colon cancer then screen every 5 years. Golf Tourney will be at Reservoir Creek in Naples this year, letters to the lodges are out. Have-a Heart raised 19,000 total , no breakdown of how much our district made at Eastview Mall.

Bylaws; two proposed changes, Article II section 1 proposed change; The elecrt5ive officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be elected at the September meeting. Article III, Section 2 proposed change; Dues shall be $20 per Lodge per year, due in September. The osydistrict.org website shall be supported by a fee of $1.00 per person per lodge per year. . Charities; elections were held in January with a new slate of officers. The next meeting will be held on April 10th at Schooners, East Lake Road, Canandaigua. The consolidation between Seneca Lodge 113 and Pocahontas Lodge 211 is proceeding. The final paperwork has been sent to the Grand Secretary’s office.

AGL Report: Investiture service will be in May for new masters, date to be decided.

The Traveling Gavel is in Naples, the Trowel is at Garoga-Sincerity

The next meeting will be at Pocahontas Lodge at 9AM on May 2nd with breakfast at the Lodge at 9 AM.



3/ 14, Ritual Ren. Program at Webster Shrine Center, registration at 8am

3/16, 3rd Degree at John Hodge lodge in Naples, 7:30pm up to the raising of the brothers

3/16, 1st degree at Canandaigua lodge, 7:30

3/ 18, 2nd degree , Ark Lodge at Phelps Masonic Temple, 7:30

3/26, 1st degree, Milnor Lodge, 7:30

3/26, Brother Bring a Friend at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps, 6:30

3/28, College of Freemasonry in Batavia, 9AM

3/28, Gathering for Al Mann’s 100th birthday at the Lodge, 4 PM, not a surprise party

4/6, 3rd degree, Canandaigua Lodge at Phelps Masonic Temple

4/8, Seneca Lodge 113, Yellow Dog Degree with Past GM Bruce Widger, dinner 6pm

4/11, Surviving Spouses, Speaker, Mark Radloff, subject winemaking

4/18, 2nd degree, Ark Lodge at Phelps Masonic Temple

4/23, 2nd degree Milnor lodge

4/27, Table lodge Glenora Wine Cellars

5/17, District Memorial Service, Interlaken Reform church, 3 PM

6/17, Dundee and Seneca Lake Lodges, Surviving Spouses and Awards Dinner, Dresden Hotel, 6 PM



W. Bro. Paul Abraham receives his 65 year pin

On January 4th RW Jim Johns and RW Tom Abraham presented W. Bro. Paul Abraham, my cousin, his 65 year pin at his home in Ft. Meyers Beach, Fl. Paul is a member of Seneca Lake Lodge 308 in Dresden and is a past master of the lodge. We had a wonderful visit with Paul and his wife Ruth as we listened to Bro. Abraham recall his time in WWII and how his family got into the restaurant business.


60 year Aprons and Certificates were recently presented at John Hodge Lodge #815

60 year Aprons and Certificates were recently presented to 2 Brothers from

John Hodge Lodge #815.  Pictured left to right are R.W. Thomas Abraham (Grand
Director of Ceremonies), W. Brother John Braun, (Past Master of John Hodge Lodge),
 W. Brother Mark Steinmetz (Master of John Hodge Lodge), Brother Don Braun (Longtime Secretary of John Hodge Lodge),
and R.W. John Hubbard (District Deputy Grand Master of the OSY District). Brothers Braun
are cousins and were raised together


The Brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District will once again be helping to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester

The Brothers of the Ontario-Seneca-Yates District will once again be helping to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester by covering the Have A Heart Booth at Eastview Mall in Victor. We are responsible for Thursday February 12th through Saturday February 14th. The hours to cover are 3-9 pm on Thursday and Noon – 9pm on Friday and Saturday. We are planning to work in 3 hour shifts and will have the Brothers of the Wayne District helping us this year. We need at least 2 Brothers from our district for each of the 8 shifts to cover. Those of us who participated last year had a great time and really enjoyed the experience.
Please notify RW Jed Brandow of a slot you can cover. As slots are covered it will be noted here. Thank you my Brothers for all you do for our beloved craft. 

Thursday 2/12/15

3 – 6 pm                               Bob Ruggles and Thomas Abraham
6 – 9 pm                               Milo Lodge #108 

Friday 2/13/15

Noon – 3pm                         Jim R. Rice and Mark Lowe
3 – 6pm                                Farmerville-Union Lodge #183
6 – 9pm                                Milnor Lodge #139

Saturday 2/14/15

Noon – 3pm                         Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200
3 – 6pm                                Ark Lodge #33
6-9pm                                   Geneva Lodge # 965


Minutes of the OSY District Assn meeting on January 10, 2015

Brother: These are the minutes of the OSY District Assn meeting . Please ensure that they are read in open Lodge.

The OSY District Assn. met at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps at 9am on Jan 10th after some good fellowship and breakfast at the Blue Ribbon restaurant in Phelps. There were 13 brothers present from 8 lodges. Missing were brothers from Milo, Dundee, Canandaigua, Seneca Lake and Eagle Lodges.

Sickness and Distress: RW Doug Van, Past DDGM Ceased Earthly Labor at the end of Nov. His Masonic service was attended by Brothers from throughout the district. Brother Fred Acey CEL before the new year. Both were brothers from Farmerville-Union Lodge. Brother Lou Jerger of F-U lodge was taken away by ambulance last week, no further info was available at the meeting.RW Don Dill had abdominal surgery and is recovering at Huntington Living center in Waterloo. He would appreciate visitors. Br. Robert Kane of Ark Lodge CEL before Christmas. Carl Carlson of Garoga-Sincerity Lodge is recovering from foot reconstruction surgery. Nancy Walti is out of the hospital after pulmonary embolism.

                Health and Happiness: Tom Abraham is back from Florida, while there he helped give a 65 year pin and certificate to Br Paul Abraham.

                Notices and Correspondence: Rob Schwarting is asking for news items to disseminate, he reports that we had 3 items in Hiram’s Highlights recently

                DDGM Report: The DDGM has one visit left, Ark Lodge at Phelps Masonic Temple Weds. Jan 21, 6pm dinner at the Blue Ribbon. The DDGM suggested that during the candidate interview the committee explain what will be expected of the candidate, making meetings, learning ritual,  helping at fund raisers, etc. After being hacked last month the DDGM has a new email. Masonic ID was held last year at Canandaigua YMCA, we will try to repeat this year. Equipment upgrade; Grand Lodge is upgrading the software, we will see where we stand after that as far as equipment needs.

There was a long discussion about the DDGM per capita. The DDGM will put together a budget and an analysis of how to meet the budget for the next meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed to reduce the Grand Lodge trip to Sunday through Tuesday, 2 nights in NYC, by train. There will be a cost saving for the DDGM and for the Lodge reps.

Brotherhood fund report 68 brothers from the district contributed $3092 for 9% participation by the end of Oct.

Masonic War Vets: now have a web page. The next meeting is the same night as the Table Lodge so we will be going there instead of to Geneva Lodge.

Website: Have –a -Heart is posted on the website at the top and will remain at the top this month. We will be covering three days at Eastview Mall with the help of Wayne district. You need to sign up either by Lodge or individually to cover all time slots. The Ladies are welcome to join you too.

The Deputy Grand Master’s town hall meeting will be on Sat. Jan 17 at 2pm at John Hodge Lodge with light refreshments at 1pm. A motion was made seconded and passed for the district Assn to pay for the refreshments since this is a district event.

Ronald Mc Donald House has a wish list for items other than nonperishable food stuffs which will be posted on the website. Jed Brandow and Fred Newton made a trip with donations before Christmas and will probably have to make another by Feb.

The OSY District Golf Tournament will be held at Reservoir Creek in Naples in August. You should be getting more info sent to your Lodge soon

                Staff Officer report: the MDC will be part of the degree program, first session to be held at John Hodge Lodge on Jan 12, in Naples. Road to the East has only had one session. The Master’s chair should be complete by Feb.

                AGL report: Contact the AGLs for any degree work and help with the practices. It is especially important to have them at the practices as that is when to correct mistakes.

                Good of Masonry: There will be a guided tour of the Nation’s Capital June 12 through 16 available from First Choice Travel in Batavia. If we get enough people signed up we may be able to get picked up in Phelps. For more info contact mlowe15@live.com .

                Next Meeting will be March 7, tentatively at Seneca Lake Lodge in Dresden at 9 am, Program will be the progress of the Ritual Renaissance Project.

Notice: The district Past Purple will now be putting on the OSY Memorial Service in May. Please send a list of 2014 deceased brothers to James H. Rice asap. Thank you.


Jan 17, Deputy Grand Master’s Town Hall Meeting at John Hodge Lodge in Naples at 2 pm with light refreshments before.

Jan 26, Table Lodge at Glenora Wine Cellars 6:30 pm speaker Rich Friedman, Limited to 50 brothers cost $30, get your reservations in asap

Jan 24, Ziti dinner Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps 4:30 till 6pm

Feb 2, 2nd degree John Hodge Lodge in Naples, 7:30 pm

Feb 12, 13, 14, Have-a-Heart campaign at Eastview Mall

April 11, Surviving Spouses Luncheon , 11:30, Clifton Springs Country Club cost 25 / attendee

May 17, District Memorial Service, 3pm, Interlaken Reform Church Interlaken NY, see notice above.


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The Traveling Gavel is now at Milo Lodge # 108

The Traveling Trowel is now at Ark Lodge #33


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